About Me

I am an older NSW teacher who has come about technology in a round about way. A few years ago I saw the benefit of the use of technology if it was handled in the right way. Since then I seemed to have been surrounded by it. My expertise is non- existent. I have simply tried to nut things out as the problem arises. I am totally self taught. As a problem (or curiosity) arises I endeavour to sort it out, read about it, experiment with it until I either have an answer (or give up). Hence - the title of this blog "The Wood Butchers Guide". It also occurred to me that the title - doesn't just show my age, but also shows a certain band of interest within my age. A "wood butcher" is someone who has no particular skill at carpentry but has a go (generally "butchering" the building task they are endeavouring to undertake). It also means someone who has not been trained in that skill (carpentry) but will endeavour to do the best they can - getting a result that is satisfactory - if not perfect. Must be my hippy past - because when confronted with this title - the main reaction was "I don't get it ??"
Games interest me - not to play them but how they are made. I am probably interested more in the "why, how and how come" than I am in the acceptance of "thats the way it is" philosophy.

What this blog is about - however, is the last few years, where things have changed drastically for me (and for others) - therefore I need to document this journey somewhat and others, may, be interested in reading about it.

I am also a member of the Asia Education Teachers Association (AETA) Australia and manage their website. If you are interested in resources and information follow this link.

contact: haddow.terry@gmail.com