The original idea of this blog came about from the aspect of using Apple technology in a school environment (and somehow documenting it). Something we knew nothing about but seeing the potential. We introduced an apple laptop program and then looked at the feasibility of ipads being introduced. It was my wife who came up with the aspect of "it's touch technology - why not try it with the age bracket where touch is an important aspect of learning - infant children?" Last year I borrowed an ipad - tried different apps; gave it to Infant teachers to try and tried to keep documentation of my findings over the months we scrutinised it. With a new ipad on the horizon - it was decided to wait until the new one came out. Improvements on the hardware as well as a lot more apps developed.  The documentation of 2010's findings are documented elsewhere. I thought they could be incorporated into this blog as they are (without redoing them) but realised that a "blog" is probably not the best vehicle for it. Maybe in the future I will transfer all of this to a wiki or website and then incorporate all my other files to give a clearer indication of where we have been. But - this blog has really taken on a different direction to what was first planned.

Here is a link to the older document of 20010
pdf: ipads at St Johns 2010

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