iPad 2

iPad 2
After the initial examining of the ipad1 and playing with apps - it was decided to wait until the ipad 2 was released. That has now happened !
We decided that there would be a lot of initial setting up to figure out, apps to examine (more would surely have been released in the last few months), fine turning to be done as well as issues that would arise (which at this stage we wouldn’t know about). We purchased 3 ipads. Two would be used by the executive for the moment to figure out what is needed for a school/network and to be able to assist the teachers later. The third would go to a teacher to specifically play with apps.
So what were my first reactions to the ipad 2 ? For the first few weeks I handled this one differently to the first one. Maybe the smaller (thinner) size ? Maybe the weight ? But this one seemed to capture my attention more. But not just me - but also that of my colleague. I started off seeing what interested me personally. 
My playing with the ipad 1 had been totally student focussed. I could see how executives/business could use them but kept solely to an interest in student apps. This time round - to fully understand the potential of the ipad - I decided to give it a more personal examination. I used the calendar, email, downloaded magazines, podcasts -explored ibooks,ebooks and every other “i” ,”e” or book thing. 
So, what did I find for personal use ? Excellent size - light and good size screen. It is quite good to watch a podcast, video or TV on (which actually surprised me). Book reading is good - but I wouldn’t want to go smaller (such as a kindle). The aspect of a built in dictionary or highlight function in the book for note-taking I think is superb - makes professional reading or study very viable. Calendar/email functions handy. Links without effort to mobile me accounts. Very practical as a diary, appointments, note taking, calendar, email type device. As I suspected (without having tested it before) - a superb administrating tool - every executive (or even class room teacher) should have one. There is even a roll/class administration app. 
After a month or two of "administration" use - working out apps and how to include them on our network, we are starting to make contact with other interested parties.  We have organised a "MN ipad user group" for July/ August. I have included an introduction for the first session. It may contain some aspects that some schools may (or may not have) thought of for the introduction of ipads into the school situation.  It was also meant at a bit of corny humour - to put a group of people, that may not have met, at easy. 

September 2011 update
A group of 10 iPads are housed in the Kinder classroom. These are for use between the Kinder/Year 1 and special needs children. A number of teachers have and use their own iPads in their classrooms. They are used for group activities from pre-writing, reading and maths work. Some groups are using them for digital construction - digital story telling, iMovie and voice apps. A powered cage has been ordered (awaiting arrival from OS) which will be housed in one of the classrooms. This will allow them to be securely housed and charged in the rooms they will be used in. At the moment they are housed and charged in the AP office (not the ideal arrangement). They are also synced and updated from the Ap's iMac. This will probably change in the next few weeks with the introduction of the new operating system.